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Our Process

Years of experience taught us to fine-tune our processes down to an exact science. 

The Plan in Simple Terms.

Every part of the plan is scheduled and all stakeholders will be notified.


We begin scheduling your photo day by confirming a date! Shortly after we receive your logo and template choice. The Player Roster is received and Run Sheet confirmed.

Shoot Day

We ask that all teams arrive 20 mins prior to the scheduled photo time, thus ensuring everyone is there when it is time to start taking photos! 

Digital Ordering

There is a private photo gallery created for each athlete. It is accessible through a unique URL and password.


This information is sent directly to each parent via SMS and email.


Your pics will be delivered within 6 weeks of your photo day. We deliver the prints back to the club for distribution. Your members will save greatly on delivery fees.


15 minutes is all it takes!


Thanks to our innovative White Screen system, we are able to capture all the necessary photographs for both your team and individual portraits simultaneously.

Building The Perfect Team Photo.

Our white screen technology enables us to capture individual photographs of each player, which we can then use to create a virtual team back in our design studio. This is made possible by utilising advanced 3D programs that maintain perfect perspective.

The benefits of this technology are numerous. We can accommodate late players and customise the layout to suit your design preferences. Additionally, it ensures perfect spacing between team members.

We Are Seriously Focused On

Saving Time

We are organised! This means your photo day will always be running on time!

Producing Unique Products

We have the best products and graphics available for clubs and parents alike.

Providing Great Experience

Our staff is professional and ready to make your photo day stress free! 

Watch the process

You'll be blown away by our photography skills at The Process. We'll work with you to bring your club's vision to life and create stunning photos for parents that you'll cherish for years to come. Watch the video below to see how we go about our process and give us a call to schedule your session today.


Sounds Great!

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