Smile its Photo Day!

We have been doing this for years and have fine-tuned the shoot day process down to a fine art. With detailed planning and a coordinated team, we always shoot on time, every time. The end result is on average a team is in and out in 15 minutes!

Each stage of the shoot you will receive regular communication, from the booking, through to the shoot, and finally the delivery of photos. 

It all starts with
"the plan."

From the moment you book a shoot, our team will swing into action and will ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

  1. Book shoot including date and template choice

  2. The schedule is sent and confirmed

  3. Parents notified via email to pre-purchase

  4. Shoot Day!!

  5. Images go to our design studio

  6. Team Proofs sent for approval

  7. Orders placed with Pro Labs

  8. Prints Delivered.

print display web.jpg

The Plan in Simple Terms.

Every part of the plan is scheduled and all stakeholders will be notified.


We begin with scheduling your photo day, dates, and times! Discuss template choices and layout options.

Digital Ordering

Emails are sent to parents two weeks ahead of photo day so parents can have time to purchase their packages.

Shoot Day

We ask that all teams arrive 30 mins prior to the scheduled photo time, thus ensuring everyone is there when it is time to start taking photos!


Your finished photos will be delivered within 3 weeks of the photo day. Talk to us about our delivery methods!

The Perfect Photo Day.

When we show up to your club's sports team shoot we don't simply come with just a camera and order forms. We bring the show by setting up a full team and individual photoshoot area. With this setup, we are sure that your teams will be treated with the most professional photo process and will be in and out quickly!

Reflex camera
Photo Studio

15 mins each team!

That's right 15 minutes!

With our NEW White Screen system, we can now take all of the photos we need to produce for your individual and team photos all at the same time! This creates a faster photo day so you spend less time in front of the camera and more time doing what you need to do with your team that day!

The Perfect Pose Every Time!

We pay attention to each athlete by giving them one-on-one attention for their photos! We also use our Pick-A-Pose system which gives them a choice of poses. Using the Pick-A-Pose charts at the photoshoot makes for a streamlined process and takes away the pressure of the athlete coming up with something on the spot.


Building The Perfect Team Photo!

With our on-location white screen technology, we can photograph each player individually and then create the virtual team back in our design studio! Using advanced 3D programs to keep perfect perspective.


This is great for many reasons! This allows us to shoot for any late players and mix and match the layout to suit your design preferences. It also allows for perfect spacing! 

Seriously Focused on

Saving Time

We are organised! This means your photo day will always be running on time!

Producing Unique Products

We have the best products and graphics available for clubs and parents alike.

Providing Great Experience

Our staff is professional and ready to make your photo day stress free!