Why should clubs invest in team photography...

Why team sport photography is so important, not just to you but your club. A few years ago, I was doing an AFL team shoot in Hawthorn, just another job for the week. It was a club that had both sports, AFL and Cricket, I always like to arrive with plenty of time and did so this day, I set my backdrop up in the main area of the clubhouse and with some time to spare took a walk around the club. The walls were lined with team photos dating back to the 1930s as I moved from one picture to the next, and looked at all the faces of these young men I thought about how not too long from when the picture was taken these men would be doing battle on a different field a fight for freedoms and I wondered how many died in the war. It was then it hit me how important these team photos are, a pictorial history of the men, women, and children who represented the club and their country. It made me think about how important my part is in producing an image that will at some point be mounted on that wall for a recording of history in that time. Will 100 years from now, another photographer will be standing in front of my image looking at the faces of the players. Of course, we do not know what fate has in store for the players, but it is nice to know whatever happens the future players can look back in time and remember the history of former players. This history will grow with every club, year after year as players come and go the photographic record of your team, your club will be remembered, and 30, 40 years from now when your best sporting achievement might be behind you and you come across your team photo and look at the faces of friends, and remember the famous victories you will be immensely happy it was.