We are sure you have many questions and this page is designed to answer them.


It will outline exactly what's required from you, should you choose to partner with us, and give you insight into our products and pricing.


How it Works

Your dancers don't have to come to our studio, because we bring the studio to you! With our professional mobile studio, we can be set up in your dance studio for your photo day.

Pick a Pose

When it comes to producing the final image, there are various factors we need to consider, including posing. We are more than happy to accept assistance from your instructors on how best to pose each dancer for their picture. But if you wanted to leave it to us, we have a 'Pick a Pose' page, that gives dancers ideas on how they can pose for their photo. 


  We make sure that every student gets equal camera time and we take our time to ensure everyone gets the best picture possible on photo day!

The Schedule

Shoot Timeline

Let's get started, first we need to establish a date. We can plan to shoot around your dance studio needs, this means we can accomodate different outfits and poses.

Parents Part

Once the template is selected, we will set up an order page. You will also get an email from us, to forward onto the parents, notifying them about the upcoming photoshoot.


Parents get around a 30% discount when pre-purchasing, as it makes the organisation and overall process run much smoother. So when children turn up for their shoot, we know what we need to shoot, and it makes the whole day run with little stress and fuss.

Template Selection

Once our services are booked, we will direct you to a template selection page. You are free to choose a template design that best suits your club.


Each template will have a series of standard products associated with each template.

Club's Part

We will need some information from you including: 

  • Choice of Template Design

  • Logo

  • Student Information


Will we also need your help with communicating to parents about the photo day.


  • Individual Portraits

  • Team Photo

  • Magazine Cover

  • Memory Mate (combination of a team and portrait on the one print)

  • Special Effects (SFX) can be best described as a movie poster style.

Smile - Shoot Day

We turn up on time and shoot on time.


After the shoot day is complete we get to work and for the next two weeks, our team will diligently put together all the orders and have them printed ready for delivery. The images will be sent to the club for parent collection. 


We have a large selection of individual products and packages, so parents can receive even better value!