Welcome Northern Giants

We are super excited to work with you. To help we created this page so you can track the process and find the information you need prior to your shoot date on the 11th August 2022

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The Essential Nuts and Bolts

The important phases of the shoot will happen over the coming weeks. It is essential that all deadlines are met so that the shoot day is not affected.

Below you will find a download CSV file that needs to be filled out and returned. Please ensure each team name and the player name is matching as we combine these files and create a barcode for each player. If the barcode has incorrect data applied it will create a dysfunctional process. To make it easier and share the load we recommend getting team managers to supply their data from their teams.

(leave blank any of the fields that are not required, we have placed a sample/example name entry for reference, you can remove this when inserting yours)

Inform your coaches and team managers now of the shoot day and remind them that they may be required to fill out forms and be part of the shoot planning.


Shoot Date - 11th August 2022

Logo (5MB), Player Roster data and Shoot Day Schedule to be emailed to hello@thatsmypic.com.au by the 18th of July 2022 (any delays may cause shoot day to be put back and rescheduled)

Please download the CSV templates below

When scheduling the teams please allow 20 mins for each team.

* * We also would like a club representative there through the day's shoot so they can organise the team managers of individual teams to be ready for their scheduled time slot. * * 

Select Template Now

The Template choice below will be branded to the colours and logos of Northern Giants, we will create the final template and send it through for final approval by the 22nd of July 2022. We want to work with you so that you get an amazing design.

Personally, we like template 1.

template 1
template 1
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AFL Template 2
AFL Template 2
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AFL Template 3
AFL Template 3
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AFL Template 4
AFL Template 4
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AFL Template 5
AFL Template 5
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template 6
template 6
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Communication and Advertising

Once the template is selected and approved. That's My Pic will create an order page (on our site) for parents to pre-purchase their packages online. Please encourage Team Managers to let parents know about this system. To help we will provide email and social media artwork to promote the event. Regular promotion of the shoot will help parents plan and organise.

Email Welcome Campaign / Social media July 25

Post Schedule on social media on July 27

Order reminder emails to parents on August 1st - 11th

We can email parents directly if you prefer and have emails for parents in the data files.  This system removes a task from the club and allows us to track orders.

Coaches Team Managers

Before Picture Day:
Please notify all players and parents in your team of the shoot day on July 20 and 21st and inform them that emails and social media posts will direct them to the pre-purchase ordering area on our site as soon as possible. This will give parents an opportunity to go over our products and purchase in advance, making things go much smoother on photo day.


Picture Time
Please advise your team to arrive 20 minutes prior to your team’s scheduled picture time to allow for checking uniforms, hair and general instructions from the That’s My Pic staff


On Picture Day:

Arrive 20 mins early from the team shoot time
Please arrive early!  Upon arrival, gather your team and stay together as a group.


Please check in with one of our friendly attendants 15 minutes prior to your scheduled picture time whether all your players have arrived or not.  No need to wait to check in until all of your players have arrived, we’ll start on your player’s pictures at your scheduled picture time.


Get in line
Every player in the team gets their photo taken even if they do not order a print. Each player will have a bar code allocated to them and must be scanned just prior to their photo.

Line the players up in height order from tallest to shortest, and check they are not wearing watches, jewellery or apparel they wouldn't wear on the field. Playing uniforms only.


We prefer parents pre-purchase their orders prior to the shoot day. This allows us to run a stress-free shoot and prepare for what photos we need to shoot for each player. However, we understand this is a learning experience and this year will provide extra service in on-day ordering. Please direct your parents to one of our friendly cashiers if there are late orders.


Players and Coaches Only in the Photography Area

We ask that only players and coaches enter the photography area.   We understand that some younger players may need additional assistance from their parents but we ask that this be kept to a minimum.  Any parents within the photo area are there to help the coach with all of the players, not just one.  Keeping the area free of congestion allows for a smoother operation and results in an easy, quick and stress-free Picture Day.

While waiting in the photography area, it is your responsibility to keep the players in an orderly line.  The line should be a single file, tallest to shortest

Please No Parent Photography
Parents are not allowed to take pictures within the photo area. This distracts the players, slows down the process and potentially reduces the quality of the photographs if the player's eyes are looking away at the parents. Please respect this policy and allow us the opportunity to make the best possible photographs in an undistracted environment.


In the staging area please double-check that:

1) Jerseys are tucked. 2) Strings are tucked into pants.  3) Faces are clean.  4) No bracelets or watches etc


Team Managers are key to the event running on time. If they are on their game then most teams finish on time and are happy. Thank you for your assistance it is greatly appreciated by all.